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Biotin or Myetin?

Anyone trying higher Biotin or Myetin? I've sent this site some pretty critical questions to challenge the statements quantify the claims but an curious. Hopefully she answers. Anyone trying this? to what effect? I'll bring the questions with me to my Neuro and to Mayo when I visit in Sept- Would be interested in any feedback from this group to add to that research-as she says herself- there is a lot of snake oil out there...is this just more snake oil? http://www.girlwithms.com/2018/06/myetin-treating-ms-symptoms-and-finding.html

@itsmewithms , the MD1003 (Biotin) clinical trials are still ongoing:- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/md1003-biotin#md1003-research


I read about the Biotin research project I decided to try it myself, I am to old to wait for the result. I have been taking a 200mg in the morning and at bedtime for a couple of years. I was reading a article on how easy it was to take to much Biotin so I cut down to one tablet. A few days later I felt like pins were stabbing me everywhere. I haven't that problem for a long time. So I went back to 2 a day and the stabbing pain went away. They is very few side effects from Biotin and it is cheap, it is suppose to help your skin and hair so I think it is a win, win situation. Potter