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Can I take Modafinil & CBD Oil?

Hi Everyone I am currently prescribed Modafinil for my fatigue but have recently had the opportunity to have Medical Marijuana. I have spoken to my MS Nurse concerning this and whether it would be ok to take both together or if I should stop the Modafinil? I know this is all very early stages but I wondered whether anyone had any knowledge or experience concerning this.

@adamframpton , this guy seems to think that the two go together :- https://youtu.be/Oka1ENfofKk Just be careful and use trial and error. Possibly at a weekend when you have some downtime. Anyway, how did you get medical marijuana? Any tips or hints? :wink:


thanks @stumbler I will probably look to start this weekend. I managed to get the medical marijuana through a friend of a friend to try and see how I get on with it. Unfortunately I cant say much more than that only that it is the proper stuff and of a very high quality. I have two different sorts. The clear oil which I take two drops under the tongue each morning and a dark thick one, which I have a very very small amount of prior to bed. I will let you know how I get on.