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Sensory overload shopping

I just need to shout with joy (REALLY LOAD!!!) but didn’t feel I could as I walked out of the supermarket a moment ago with a weirdly huge smile on my face. (The smile was for me ….no one else but me!).

I have suffered the pain, nausea dizzyness to the point of almost collapse and pure anxiety of entering those big shops with their flickery lights, loud fridges and simply JUST NOISE from every direction. Sifting through the multitude of own branded products by their 1,000’s to find the one you have always bought has now been replaced (aaaaargh)

But their is a light at the end of my tunnel, as i attempted to beat this never ending sensory overload “pain in my butt” (not literally if you get what I mean)
So today i changed tact…. I went in armed with a few simple items, so simple I don’t really know why it has taken me this long to realise!

1. Headphones with chill out playing at a level to drown out all the other noises
2. Sunglasses, to dull the bright and flickering lights.

See simple 🙂

It did it for me and I was in there 45 mins with absolutely nothing! Almost like I had just won the lottery.

Anyway I just wanted to share, and I’m not saying it will definitely work for you, but it might ….just might?!


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6 months ago

@tibs74 , a great piece of advice. So simple, so obvious and so effective. 😉

6 months ago

Well done, good thinking.

6 months ago

Congratulations, I don’t need to say more👏🥊😜

6 months ago

@tibs74, you thought ‘out of the box’, well done

6 months ago

@tibs74 you’ve adopted exactly the same tactics that I use at work, as I’m in an open plan office with 16 others, all answering phones and chatting and trying to process pc 💻 work! Never thought to share it on here!

6 months ago

@tibs74, it appears you’ve become an expert in thinking outside of the box, nice one!

6 months ago

45 mins keep on going congrats.

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