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Rubbish interview

Hello I had a rubbish interview yesterday for magazine the day before I’ve planned everything I wanted to see how many they asked the question my mind actually went blank , I forgot everything that I planned to say and I felt stupid 🤭 has anyone had similar situation or is it just me 😠😬

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11 months ago

@music , this may be your MS, but it may also be interview phobia. The interviewers are probably used to this happening.

Chalk it up to experience.

11 months ago

Thank you very much stumbler

11 months ago

@music, don’t beat yourself up over it. That would be of no benefit to anyone. I don’t know how old you are, but that is also something that happens with as we get older. This may or may not be MS-related; or it may or may not be age-related; or it may or may not just be interview-anxiety-related. I’m sure the interviewer has had this before if they have done very many interviews. Don’t assume that you completely blew the interview with this situation. It’s GREAT that you prepared for the interview! Don’t give up. All we can do is just live & learn.

11 months ago

I agree with Stumbler, going blank happens to all of us, more so with ms, stress about the interview can’t have helped, as he says chalk it up to experience😍

11 months ago

✋🏻 yep
then brain tries to invent short unimportant quesions in a rush

11 months ago

My symptoms are mostly cognitive and this happens to me a lot.

11 months ago

It happens to me all the time – can’t think of the right word or phrase even though in my head I know what I want to say ! Then the blank stares come so just easier to shut up and listen – VERY frustrating and embarassing!

11 months ago

@music. Mid sentence giving a presentation😕 I started to jot down notes and make lists, even if it’s just a word. Being able to quick reference it is enough of a reminder to get me back on track. Works for tasks, specialist appointments, etc.

11 months ago

Thank you everyone I am relieved it doesn’t only happen with me😔🤓💐Xx

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