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Rights as a contractor?

Hi guys and gals,

I’ve recenlty found a new job after a long long search.
I had been interviewing for permanent roles, but I was unable to get an offer, despite making the final rounds of a few.

So the new job is a contract role, and it is using a LTD (limited company) to work. So I don’t get any entitlements or holiday etc. Which is ok. As the contract is just 6 months.

What I am unsure of, is do I have any protection still, from the perspective, of my MS?
Do they need to give reasonable adjustments? I don’t need any physical ones yet, fortunately, but in terms of allowing me to go to appointments for my infusion each month etc?

I am working myself into a bit of a panic. I believe I can do the role, and of course they do too, but I haven’t worked for a while, and going from 0 to 100, is kind of daunting.

The reason I’ve been looking for permanent roles is due to the extra support you can or should expect.

I guess as a contractor, I shouldn’t expect any help…

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8 months ago

I don’t know enough about employment law to advise you on that but there will be somebody on this site who does and I am sure you will get a response. Can I suggest that you say you have to go to hospital monthly for however long it takes (no experience of Tysabri so don’t know) you don’t have to mention ms if you don’t want to, if you have dates for the appointments, give them those well in advance if you can so there should be no problem, but call the ms society and they will give you all available info about employment. Go for it and good luck😍

8 months ago

@keepupthefight , as a contractor, you’ll get paid for the hours that you work, so I would expect you to go to the infusion in unpaid time.

I can’t see a problem with you taking the time to go to the hospital. As long as this is arranged in advance to ensure it does not have an adverse impact to the business.

8 months ago

Firstly great news on getting the contract, it’s a tough gig getting work these days, more so if you have barriers like MS in place. As Stumbler says it will most likely be unpaid. As much notice as you can is best with any role but contracting is often more flexible with time and I know appointments can sometimes be last minute due to admin issues in the NHS etc. don’t panik, just be as transparent as you feel you can. I wish you every success and let hope not only the meds work but your contract is extended.

8 months ago

Good work getting a contract.

I am a contractor who works through my own LTD company.
Sorry to say this but you have no rights from the client and any reasonable adjustments are down to your employer (in the case of LTD that is you).

Appointments are unpaid and you can always make the time up.

I went back to a forward thinking client who I worked for a long time ago, and they have been great as I am no longer expected to go overseas or offshore and they are letting me compress my week into 4 days, so every Friday off!

8 months ago

as watsoncraig says, no much doing.

but try and build a good relationship with the client, may offer out of hours as a balance or weekends to offset your appointments, people are generally reasonable as long as you deliver.

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