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I’m 42 years old just got diagnosed was primary progressive MS I’m also a single guy raising two little boys 8 and 5 I started on a new medicine field service next week how big of a fight do I get on my hands

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5 months ago


My apologies in advance; I have difficulty understanding “run on” sentences.

You have two young boys & are starting a new job next week? Are you concerned about the challenge of the job? The challenge of raising two young boys with a new job & MS? The challenges of PPMS?

Please clarify; someone should be able to assist – me if just the MS challenge. Others regarding raising children…

5 months ago

Hi @benny_anthony and welcome.

A good analysis of your question by @edmontonalberta above. 😉

As far as MS is concerned, it’s a “how long is a bit of string” question. I’m afraid that no two cases are the same so prognosis is always variable…….

5 months ago

Good Morning
Every case is different- but there are a few things that are important to me to live with MS and be a parent and work

Whatever your physical capabilities it is important to get some exercise every day. You can make your children part of that – a way to spend some time together. Some days you will be able to do more – some less / try not to get discouraged. Just get up the next day and continue on with your exercise

Don’t waste energy on things that really aren’t that important. If you can afford it hire someone to clean your house even twice a month

Be honest with your children and involve them in the things that need to be done each day. Ie dinner prep , grocery shopping etc

Do things together as a special treat for them that don’t require much energy from you. Example – family movie night on a Friday night

Honestly when my children went to bed – I went to bed. Even if I just watched TV in bed for a while I was resting.

Take care – if you have more questions just let me know.

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