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2 months ago

@missbee , Diet can be a contentious issue, with conflicting diets being considered good for MS.

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2 months ago

Ok thanks i will have a read…I am new to this 🙈

2 months ago

I try to eat mainly plant based as it fits with the OMS lifestyle plan. The main benefit I found is that I no longer get constipation. Yay!

2 months ago

@missbee I have read through the OMS book in the last few months and my take on it is that most of the advice in there is fairly common sense. I’m no vegan but I can get on board with the general principle of eating more vegetables. In general I would say my MS diagnosis, in a roundabout way, has been the best thing that has happened to my health! I am as fit as I have been for a long time, a healthy weight and currently just getting on with life as normal. The diet has certainly not done me any harm though its difficult to say if I would feel equally good if I was not following it.

I have cut out red meat and I am much more mindful of not eating processed foods and those high in saturated fat. I do however, eat chicken based on the fact that I still do a lot of sport and it is a reliable source of protein. I’ve stopped dairy products but that was no major hardship for me with plenty of alternatives to the stuff I tended to eat before.

My sister is a fan of the Deliciously Ella cookbooks for veggie meals. I don’t own one myself but have tried a couple of recipes from her website which are worth a look as a starting point.

2 months ago

That’s great @bernadette I am vegan and trying to do as much as possible to lose weight as I feel being a little lighter will help with my mobility. Thanks @andy1878 i will give the cookbook a try ☺️

2 months ago

I went plant based for a few months and felt amazing, my fatigue was significantly improved, my joints didn’t hurt anymore and my blood test results for other issues were improving. Also lost a good amount of weight.

Unfortunately I had an ectopic pregnancy requiring surgery and went way off the rails.

I will return to it eventually but am now 23 weeks pregnant so just following Dr recommendations and eating a good variety of everything but really looking forward to getting back to plant based.

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