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Pain in the right hand side of my head

I’ve just been told I have MS about two months ago now and till getting know what’s going on in my body.
The last couple of weeks I’ve had a crawling feeling in my head and now the past three days now I’ve had a more intense pain in the right hand side of my head above my ear. The pain is sometimes a burning feeling and sometimes painful.

Does anyone’s else get this?
Any help would be amazing.
Thank you

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2 months ago

Hi Rebecca!
I have that exact same pain at the moment!! I have had it for nearly 2 weeks and nothing will shift it. Mine seems to come and go but I cant pin point a trigger for the stabbing kind of pain that keeps occurring.
I am due to see my nurse in a couple of weeks so I haven’t asked anyone about it yet. I will let you know what she says.

2 months ago

Hi @rebeccar07 and welcome.

Having been diagnosed so recently, you are still in shock. This isn’t a race, so give yourself all the time that you need to understand what’s going on with your body.

I can see that you are starting to research MS, hence finding us. Be wary of trusting Dr Google too much, they can find “inappropriate” stuff. Stick to reputable websites, like the MS Society and MS Trust.

You should have been given an introduction to an MS Nurse Specialist as part of the diagnosis procedure. They should be your first point of contact for any MS-related questions. They should understand the type of feelings and pains that you are experiencing, suggest some treatments and liaise with your GP to obtain a prescription.

MS can cause all manner of sensory issues anywhere on our body. These are the result of mixed messages to and from our nerve endings to our brain.

The pain on the other hand may be Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). There’s some details here so that you can understand this condition and whether it’s similar to what you’re feeling:-

You probably have a barrage of questions about MS, so feel free to ask away. Even just come here to have a moan. We understand how you’re feeling. We’re completely informal, just helping each other to get along. 😉

2 months ago

Thank you so much both of you.
I’ve been to the GP and they said it’s all stress related.. I don’t know how tho because I’m not stressed at all. I’m seeing my specialist next week so I will ask again. 😀

2 months ago

Since I was a teen yes
With a wee vien pooping up above my ear
I was daignosed back then age 17 2004

2 months ago

Best thing about MS it gives you all the time in the world to get over it but who could.

2 months ago

I am glad you found this forum it will be a big help to you. Most of the time another MSer will have the same problem or situation and can give you the information you need. I had been dealing with MS symptoms for at least 20 years before I was diagnosed. I thought at least I won’t have doctors calling me a hypochondriac anymore or think I am a weak needy woman. I will have answers when I have a problem. Didn’t quite work out that way, I would see my GP and she would send me to my neuro. If I saw my neuro first he would send me to my GP. One of the first things I asked about was a big numb area across my back, my neuro said he had never heard of someone with MS having a numb area there. He told me to wear a looser bra. I had just started with the forum so I posted my problem. A dozen people replied that they had the same problem. Nothing could be done for it but I was relived that it wasn’t my imagination or bra. I now check with my fellow MSers before I bother with a doctor. The problem with MS that symptoms vary wildly, it depends on where your lesions are located. Sometime you won’t get a answer and you can have other ailments that don’t have anything to do with your MS. We are here for you. Potter

2 months ago

@rebeccar07 I also have this, been going on for about 4 weeks now. It is reducing in severity though for me but oh so slowly! I have been diagnosed with CIS rather than MS I should add. According to my neurologist, the location of my most prominent lesion explains where I am having most of my symptoms. Ask your consultant about it as they may be able to explain it logically. And I have found that 2 paracetamol can help a bit, doesn’t take it away but slightly dulls the stabbing sensation.

2 months ago

Behind My right eye has started to hurt.. is this a relapse ?

2 months ago

@rebeccar07 , here’s some useful information about what is and isn’t a relapse :-

If your symptom fits within the definition of a relapse then contact your MS Nurse for advice and guidance.

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