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new symptoms :(

Evening all
For the last few days I ‘ve had the sensation good bugs crawling on my skin it’s driving me mad, please tell me someone else has hard this as I’m starting to feel like I’m going mad , and to top it all horrible pain in the centre of my chest that feels like someone has stood on it
help ….

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5 months ago

I get the same, feels like there is something crawling in my head. The pain in your chest sounds like the ms hug, it can be quite painful 😪

5 months ago

@libertinelibz , these are both symptomatic of MS.

As @anths suggests, the pain on your chest is probably the MS Hug :-

The other “sensory” symptoms are unfortunately quite common :-

5 months ago

When I was first diagnosed about six months in I had the feeling like ants were crawling under my skin but it did eventually go away. Good luck!

5 months ago

I have days when I scratch all day. Fortunately it’s not every day. The chest squeeze sometimes. Not all things are MS so stay aware of your body changes. I agree Ms is enough without anything else adding more fun. Take care

5 months ago

Hi @libertinelibs
Maybe you should get some advice from a doctor regarding the aensation in your chest. I have had similar symptom of Ms hug and this was blamed (and it still may be that!) but I’ve been having a myriad of blood tests and things are pointing towards a problem with the bile duct causing similar crushing sensation. Just a thought as our MS seems to take the blame for everything – one of my GPs just happened to think outside the Ms box to think about other causes. Still no actual definite idea though. Good luck to you hope you get it sorted. 😀

5 months ago

Thank you to everyone for the replies it’s good to know I’m not going mad and other people have the crawling sensations too, but I will definatly go back to GP and rule out it’s nothing else
Thank again x

5 months ago

I had this crawling feeling at the end of the night the last couple of days every time i get thus sensation i try to do something else to forget it

and chest hug ah
i had it like 6 yrs ago i thought it was a heart attack i ribbed my cloths but i suspected MS and google agreed with me and it was MS hug
off even it stopped same night tho

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