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So I just went to see my neurologist. I explained my symptoms to her (as I do each time I see her) and I feel that she completely downplays my symptoms. I.e. the constant pain I feel…she says that it has nothing to do with MS…the heat intolerance…the lapse in memory….etc. Have you experienced this before? I’ll be changing neurologists for someone who values what I say. (P.S. Please don’t comment that “it can be something besides MS causing symptoms.”)

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6 months ago

@adrianna_k , ensure that your next Neurologist is an MS Specialist, Neurology is a fairly wide discipline and some Neuros can be at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to MS!

6 months ago


I understand what you’re saying, with me it’s more common with non medical people, ignorant misinformed types passing judgement when they know nothing about it.

I don’t see a neurologist anymore, seems to be the thing when you have SPMS, you are passed on to an MS Nurse.

6 months ago

@stumbler definitely would love to see someone who specializes in MS! I’m searching for a new doc currently. I feel like neuros focus on many things, but never really in depth. Sure it’s a very broad specialty, but certainly would be great to talk to someone who believes me!
@peterfrancis I agree…I’ve encountered non-medical (and medical!!) people who think that I’m lying or exaggerating. The best is when they see me using my handicapped placard (I don’t use any walking devices but occasionally have symptoms that limit my walking). I get some nasty stares:-(

6 months ago

Do some research and change neuro.s if you can, I waited to long to change mine but now that I have. The original doc I saw specialized in migraines. Now I have an ms specialist. It is like night and day I am doing so much better.

6 months ago

I’m new to the forum.
I’m under a “msologist” as my former consultant put it!
Any neurologist I’ve seen, however I’m private at the moment until I start treatment. Has always referred me over to someone who specialises in MS. As good as neurologists are they all specialise in different areas.
I’m based in south Manchester.

6 months ago

@vlr091281 Thanks for sharing! I am in the states and it seems that MS specialists are few and far between. I just saw one today finally, and she said that I don’t exhibit the “typical” symptoms (i.e. no numbness or tingling or weakness…) and therefore I don’t have MS. I’m so frustrated!

6 months ago

Definitely find yourself a neurologist who specializes in the MS. It can make all the difference in the world for you.

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