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Moving to Australia and visa application

Hi all

My boyfriend has been offered a job in Australia and we are looking into moving to Melbourne. I’ve been trying to sift through information about visas and disabilities and I am struggling to get a clear answer. Just wondered if anyone had successfully been through the process or had any advice.

I have RRMS and am a teacher. We would be looking at applying for a partnership visa for me.

Thanks in advance!


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8 months ago

@becca2807 check out this website
Choose menu scroll down for help and support and ask oz immigration directly, also your partner’s work Australian employers may be able to help advocate for you. Best of luck.

8 months ago

@becca2807 On behalf of all the Australian Shifters i’d like to say G’day and welcome to this bonza, true blue southern land of ours.
You are welcome to free health care if you can qualify for a Medicare Card. Not a problem on a permanent visa from my knowledge as a lot of my employees (from India/Pakistan) have them.
Once you are in the system and have the card you get partial subsidization for specialists and GPs (General Practitioners) if they are not bulk billing (completely free) centers. You should get about 30% of the Neurologist fees back on the system but Medicare doesn’t cover things like MRI’s. So you will be a bit out of pocket but not a lot (this isn’t USA).
Medication is also subsidized by the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) so for example my Gilenya script costs about $30 instead of $2500. Most RRMS drugs are on the PBS list including the infusions etc.
If you want a good Neuro in Melbourne, I can suggest Dr. Martin Short
If you want good coffee – Patricia’s (We take coffee seriously)
PM me if you want some more advice regarding Melbourne… eg: good suburbs, schools, restaurants etc

8 months ago

@blue07 thanks for the web link!

8 months ago

@cammo thanks for all the advice about the Australian healthcare system, neuros and coffee (very important part of a MSers diet!) May have to take up your offer on more Melbourne advice if we get any further. The biggest hurdle is applying for a visa at the minute. I think my MS is putting me at a definite disadvantage! There’s a lot of bad press about the Australian immigration boards automatically discounting people with disabilities due to them placing a drain on the health care system.

8 months ago

@becca2807 The right wing politics of Australian government has definitely tightened the belt on immigration however I believe there is currently a shortage of teachers in the public school system here so that might work in your favor.
I know a few years ago there was a shortage of nurses which resulted in a big influx of British immigration.
If you have a skill we need here then you may get extra points in the visa process. Having English as a first language also helps with points (dont ask me why)… An Indian colleague once told me “Only 30% of Australians are full time racists…. which means 70% are part time racists”. That cracked me up.
Ping me if you want to know anything about the second most livable city in the world (damn you Vienna).

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