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Medical hypnosis

I am an evidence based, science oriented gal, but my pain was getting unbearable and I don’t like how all the pain meds made me feel. Ok, I’m also not a big pill popper. So I finally gave medical hypnosis a try. After several weeks, I’m a believer. It’s helping a lot. Yes, I still have pain, plenty of it. But I feel that I’m coping so much better with it. I can see it for what it is, and not get wrapped up in worrying about how much worse it’s going to get. I flunked out with brief trials of gabapentin, celexa, and sativex. I hated how they made me feel. I should add I also utilize massage and acupuncture somewhat successfully. So, a vote for trying new things like medical hypnosis here!

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6 months ago


Hypnosis does not work for everyone; some such as myself are unable to relax enough. Although I suspect it works!

However I totally agree with massage. My 1st wife (may she rest in peace) could put me into a relaxing sleep in minutes. My present wife can tear my muscles apart without even trying; I give her heck for enjoying my pain so much. LOL

Not sure if it the physical touch that is important; or the crushing of the muscle cramps… But if hypnosis works for you – definitely follow that up…

6 months ago

@rivka, thanks for sharing your experience with this therapy.

6 months ago

@rivka thanks, I’ve been thinking about hypnotherapy quite a bit, to help divert my thoughts away from thinking about MS all the time. Glad it works for you

6 months ago

@vixen, do give it a try, if you have access to it. It does take effort, both to practice daily, and to find someone good. I am working with an MD, who is a member of my community, so we share a similar religious mindset, which helps too. The visual suggestions and verbal prompts need to work for you emotionally, if that makes sense. And yes, @edmontonalberta, you do have to allow yourself to relax, not easy to do!

6 months ago

Im not a big fan of meds
I even stopped ms treatments for 9 years
And theres no chance i accept to take pain killers apart from panadl with extreme headaches

I accepted the pain i simply rest and wait for it to get a bit better
Now i accepted ms treatments too but my heart is still not so happy about the idea

6 months ago

I agree with you, @nutshell88, I take my MS med and vitamin D, but nothing else. Exercise, eat well. But I find the hypnosis helps me be more positive about it all. A good attitude without getting caught up in the pain cycle helps, sounds like you are there, I’m working on it.

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