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1 week ago

If you use the little magnifying glass in the upper left you can put in searches on an tags put on posts. You should get some results if you try diet or fasting or holistic or any specific diet you are interested in.

My husband has UC and follows a very strict diet an it definitely helps him. He will be trying the “Fasting Mimicking Diet” and encouraged me to check it out. When I talk to my Dr he says diets aren’t proven to help, clinically, and when I was at Mayo Neurology (Rochester MN) they said they don’t encourage anyone to eat all cheeseburgers as they are Drs ;-0 but again couldn’t say any diet could be seen to cure MS. If you search you will see that people on this forum have tried and fared better and worse on different diets.

This is what my husband wants me to check out…I’m already at an acceptable BMI and except for eating out am primarily on a paleo compliant diet as well as just starting ocrevus

6 days ago

@jerome_teetee_gray , there are many suggested diets, with some having contradictory regimen.

The best thing to do is keep a food diary. Then you can look back and try to identify any potential bad stuff when you have a bad day.

6 days ago

@jerome_teetee_gray @stumbler and I would also add that keeping a consistent regimen over a period will also help. Some food/additives, etc may have a delayed effect and some will be more immediate. My husband will switch things up almost daily sometimes and blame his symptoms on what he had for breakfast or lunch ;0 and maybe that is ok for his UC type of issues as he is focusing on what is in his digestion tract at the moment. For MS I look more at a general trend of choices over time so try not to switch things up continually. Right now I am just starting Ocrevus so trying to make that the main thing my body is working through at the moment-

6 days ago

Hi @jerome_teetee_gray!

Yes def! I know for some it does not make much of a difference. I immediately switched to gluten-free/dairy free diet/lifestyle. It has helped me so much! I noticed that eating foods that were anti-inflammatory kept my MS symptoms in control. Being on a gluten free diet for about 2 years, I can now see the difference if I grab a beer (has gluten) it would make my leg heavy/numb.

What diet are you looking into?

4 days ago

I have no faith that it impacts the MS directly but I believe that one’s overall health certainly does. The fitter we are, the less likely we are to accumulate other conditions which WILL worsen MS, because they put additional strain on our already compromised brain. So in my book, whatever diet improves health is good news. We’re all different in our tastes and I don’t believe any one regime is superior…. it’s just not likely to be the chocolate biscuit diet!

3 days ago

Absolutely. I started keto and my symptoms improved significantly. I eat real food, nothing processed. Real fat like butter, lard, olive oil. Fat my grandma used. I walked a straight line at my last ms clinic visit. I have been going once a year for 20 years and never walked a straight line before. My neurologist said the diet was promising, but couldn’t recommend it to all patients until further research was published.

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