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Keeping meds cool without a fridge!

Hi all, thought I’d post a follow-up to a question I posed a couple of months ago about travelling with Copaxone without access to refrigeration.
I bought a Frio Cooling Wallet, which was originally designed with insulin meds in mind (I bought it from an online diabetes supply shop). It’s basically a pouch filled with gel crystals, which when submersed in water, swell up and keep the inner contents at a reasonable room temperature. I got the extra large size and was able to carry 12 Copaxone syringes (4wks worth) through south-east Asia without accessing a fridge at any point! The wallet was surprisingly effective at keeping the inside contents cool and it was so easy to use.

Hopefully this will help someone else if and when they face the same dilemma I had.

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1 year ago

πŸ‘ when the conditions are moderate I don’t even bother with cooling.

11 months ago

@breezy19 thank you for your tip. I fly to Ghana soon – temperatures circa 30 degrees. Need to take about 7 syringes – I manually inject. Can you tell me what size and make of Frio case you would recommend? Do you autoinject?

11 months ago

Hi @hope33. I used the “extra large” Frio cooling wallet. I found that it was able to fit 12 syringes, in their individual packaging (to avoid accidental ejection), but it was pretty tight and took some Tetris skills to get them in πŸ˜‰ Without seeing the other sizes, I’d recommend the extra large size, because it fit the length of the syringes perfectly. The case consists of the gel pouch, which gets immersed in water, and the coloured outer pouch. I put my syringes in a ziplock bag so that they didn’t get too wet in the gel pouch. I was so glad I took it because it just put my mind at ease on those days when I was stuck on a stinking hot bus for 10 hours! I just had to remember to keep it in the bag I had on me, and not put it in the bag that was going to be stowed away underneath, because I don’t think anything would save syringes from the heat of the engine!
I manually inject. I first tried the auto inject, but it never worked for me. I’m not sure if I just managed to be given a faulty one, but once someone taught me how to do manual, it was so much less fuss.
Good luck with your travels! πŸ™‚

11 months ago

Hi @breezy19

Thank you for your very quick reply. This has been so helpful. I only have seven injections – only going for 10 days so hopefully they should fit in well. Yes, I will keep them with me in my handluggage in the cabin.

Sounds like you had a good trip – apart from the 10 hour bus journey:).

No I never tried autoinjecting because I had heard that sometimes causes dips in the fat layers of the skin etc. Manual has been so easy and quick.

Thanks once again.

11 months ago

No worries @hope33
By the way, don’t forget to carry paperwork from your doc to prove why you have syringes. My sister recently traveled through Africa and copped some flack from airport staff about (non-MS-related) medication…

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