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I'm tired

Is fatigue enough of a reason to give up work?

I’m exhausted. I work 12 and 13 hour shifts.
My manager is a cow.
Office morale is extremely low.
I feel like the whole place is draining me.

I’m looking for a new job. But when I leave can I just say I’m tired?
No one at work understands the struggle.
Will I sound like a child? And why do I care what they think?

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3 months ago

12 and 13 hour shifts is a lot for anyone suffering from fatigue.

Is there any way you can ask to split your shifts? I’m asking this because it’s exactly what I had to do. I used to work longer shifts but I had a relapse and just couldn’t keep it up. I was too tired, and my body wasn’t getting enough chance to heal.
When I explained everything to my manager, he was more than happy for me to split my shifts. I still do the same amount of hours but I work more days and shorter shifts. It’s working for me. Maybe that could work for you?

Ask your MS team for advice. My MS nurse has always told me that if there are any problems at work, someone from their team can go and speak to your employer to explain your situation and needs.

It’s not about sounding like a child. MS is hard enough without being made to feel like this about your work place. Your manager should understand.

3 months ago

@nakedandafraid , in the UK, we have legislation to try and protect us from bossy bosses, who don’t understand. You need to research and see if you have any such protection in Ireland. This may be a good place to start, .

The MS Society may be able to advise,

If you are a member of a Union, you should consult them for advice.

You should not be hounded out of a job, but I can understand the reasons for looking for alternate employment. You shouldn’t have to give a reason for leaving, but if it’s for a job application, you could put “Poor work environment” and leave it at that.

3 months ago

Fatigue is the killer for me. The other symptoms I can manage. I had 8 weeks initially. Went back to work part time and had another relapse so been off for a few weeks now. Not sure how you can manage such long shifts! My MS nurse has asked the doctor to prescribe me a med for the fatigue. But doesn’t work for everyone. Sounds like it’s time for a new job. Can your GP write you a letter to confirm your fatigue so you can get shorter shifts in the meantime?

3 months ago

@nakedandafraid If you can, have you thought about contacting HR?

3 months ago

Im not sure if its better for your condition to stop or not.
I was diagnosed second year highschool
i didnt know
so i finished third year found out second year university
requested rebeg thing got rough but i continued apart from uno i took english course at nerlitz
i graduated in 5 yrs bachelor then emglish cambridge course then moved to uk 2 english courses worked 8 months at citizens advice while studying
now im working 16 yrs with rrms

3 months ago

@nakedandafraid Unfortunately, fatigue is something that everyone faces in MS. My friends also often don’t understand why I’m so tired after work “After all, I’m just an accountant … !!!” I tried to find a job in another specialty, but I was afraid to change everything. It is not right. With our illness, you need peace of mind, and the colleagues who support are also very important at work. Cheer up and hold on. Hello from Ukraine😉

3 months ago

I had fatigue at the outset for a few weeks; came and went… but not had it since in years…

my god, my heart goes out to anyone with fatigue as a regular symptom… I know there are much worse symptoms and its contenders but its a sort of silent horrible one, renders you useless for periods….

Its bad for everyone but for those busy/ active manic bee types, its a soul destroyer…… its all relative of course, but I know MSers who hate the fatigue more than mobility degeneration… odd, but you can totally understand it when you just woke up and 2 hours later need to hit the hay ….hard for long periods…

If you can move jobs… move….. life is too short….

We have to get the balance right…. symptoms do come and go for some… not everyone is stuck with fatigue…. I am a very very (repeat infinitum) a lucky one….. (touch wood..infinitum)….

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