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How to speed up prescription process?!

Hi folks,

Thinking of changing meds (Tec to Ocrevus) after three mild relapses in a year. I’ve contacted my neuro nurse who tells me I need to see my neurologist.

When I started Tec, it took four months from seeing my neurologist to actually starting it. Is there anything I can do to speed up that process? Does anyone on Ocrevus know how long it took them to start?

I probably won’t be able to see my neuro until July earliest as I’m currently living abroad, and I’m not keen on waiting till July to see him, then waiting another four months to actually start. By that maths, by this time next year I’ll have just started it!!

Any tips or info you have would be well appreciated. Thanks and happy holidays!!

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12 months ago

You are in the uk, do you have an ms nurse? I have found mine has arranged changes of medication very easily, my neuro is useless and doesn’t see mere mortals anyway, she has to refer things to him, but they’ve never been turned down.👂😍

12 months ago

hi @grandma! It’s a long story… In my area we don’t have MS nurses, but neurology nurses, who deal with every neurological condition and are swamped all the time. I’m a university student, and keep my care team in Norwich, where my parents live, while I live part time in Colchester. My neurology nurses keep planning with me exactly which clinics I’ll be able to come to, and then forgetting to book me into those clinics, so I’ve had to fight for every appointment for the last two years.
I’m now on a study abroad year in the Netherlands. Because I’m abroad, they’ve finally given me an email address to contact them on!! I emailed the other day to ask if I was booked into their December clinic, because I wanted to discuss changing medications. Surprise – I wasn’t booked into the December clinic. My neurology nurses then referred my medication change up to the hospital nurse, who referred it up to my neurologist, who has decided he needs to see me, and got me an appointment for two week’s time. Turns out, the trick to actually seeing your neurologist is to live abroad and only come home for two weeks at Christmas!
Seems like a whole load of unnecessary hassle, frankly, but if it gets everything ready so I can start Ocrevus when I move home in July, then I’m not complaining!

12 months ago

@stehrface , Check-out the MS Trust website (link below), as ti shows a few MS Nurses that cover Norwich:-

12 months ago

@stehrface as you’re currently in the Netherlands, and likely to go back there after Christmas, I understand that they’re services for people with ms at least equal ours and in a lot of cases are better. These days of electronic transfer of medical records etc., is it worth considering asking the Dutch for help?😍

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