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Hobbies & Interests

I’d love to hear about everyone’s hobbies and interests- whether it’s something you were into pre-diagnosis that you’ve adapted to work around your MS symptoms, or if it’s something completely new to you that you wouldn’t have discovered without your MS.

You never know when someone might need an uplifting thread and some inspiration for things to do! 🙂

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2 months ago

I have always had horses and love nature, but its getting harder for me to do manual things so this year i have really got into gardening and finding out the names of birds and butterflies it as really helped me when i have days when i am really fatiqued

2 months ago

@simone2 that sounds like a lovely way to keep in touch with nature even when symptoms make it more difficult 🙂

2 months ago

@aimee turns out I’m really good at drawing

2 months ago

@sylvia_sparkle that’s awesome! Would love to see some of your art 🙂

2 months ago

@aimee Pre dx, I had a love of extreme sports from Bungee jumping (6 in all), tandem skydiving, broken glass walking, hot coal walking, parachuting: absaling, sailing the North Sea, having a breezeblock smashed over my head with a sledgehammer. I miss it. I can’t find a way back to it,

2 months ago

I want to write a Christian fiction romance novel.
I want to be normal.
I want to love myself.
If I can manage to be more normal maybe everyone can treat me normal.
I want to finish my own sentences.
I want to walk in the yard without falling over.

2 months ago

2 months ago

I love being on or in the water. I have a passion for paddle boarding before it become so popular lol. I like kayaking, mountain biking.

I love being outside and just relaxing while on a plod.

I love playing with my twin brother on my xbox, great way to spend time with each other without being next to each other lol.

2 months ago

I started art lessons last year concentrating on portraits. I love it as it’s 2hrs of pure concentration where I forget about work, life, MS and everything going on around me.

2 months ago

Hi @aimee


I used to have a cat, a shop (selling art and doing counselling)and a serious art hobby

I found it increasingly difficult to look after the cat, run the shop or make art (Or walk, see, write, drive, in the end …)

So I gave all three up and was very angry about this for a long time

Then I discovered painting by numbers, the joy of free counselling; and after watching Turbo; caught a few snails for my son and I to race… (As u do)

well these little critters revealed them selves to have their own personalities, they are mesmerising, cheap; and the artist in me appreciates their spiral aesthetic

I kept them and they delight and distract me on a daily basis

My hands are too shakey and my eyesight too bad now for even painting by numbers; but every time I crawl past the last painting I did for my daughter (a mermaid), I smile – like MS, it’s the gift that keeps on giving lol

It’s all about adapting, accepting and finding a passion eh?

Good luck chick (I wish I could show you the mermaid for inspiration…but I can’t seem to cut n paste her )

She is proof that you don’t need to have any artistic talent to create art…and Amazon has a kit for virtually every interest under the sun….

Hugs ✨🧜‍♀️✨🌈💛🐌🧡🤪✨

2 months ago


I’ve always been a lonely wolf but ms pushed even more away from people. Photography turned out to be the perfect hobby. And I’m not too shabby 😉

1 month ago

Thanks for all of your responses, these all sound amazing 🙂

1 month ago

It’s so nice to read everyone’s replies, just goes to show that having MS isn’t the end of everything.

I’ve always loved reading, photography, painting and baking but I find it really difficult to give time to my hobbies around working full-time because of fatigue. Although I feel like lockdown has given me a new lease of life, fatigue has been so much more manageable and I’ve had more time and energy to give to hobbies 😀

1 month ago

I used to play guitar but as it became more difficult I started composing and I realised that was good at it so it was thanks to MS!!

1 month ago

Since diagnosis I have started QiGong (Lee Holden on YouTube is brilliant) and find it very helpful. I have also started seeing an acupuncturist who amazingly happens to be married to an MSer so really understands what I am experiencing. I’ve always loved swimming but was often too lazy/busy to go – since diagnosis I have started open water swimming a couple of times a week at a local reservoir here in London. Swimming is great as it doesn’t heat me up and is very calming. I write a gratitude journal daily – I am definitely VERY grateful for the NHS and for the currently relatively benign state of my MS. I read a lot and am hoping my uveitis and cystoid macular oedema, for which I have had 4 injections of steroid implants, don’t affect that going forward. I also try to meditate, using the Buddhify app, when I remember.

1 month ago

I stopped working a year ago due to “frustrations with management” ;-0 One thing that I was way behind on was keeping my daughters digital scrapbook up to date and with her graduating this spring it was something I wanted to get caught up on before the parties that should have been held this spring. With Covid we are delaying in-person celebrations but I did push it into this You Tube video inspired by another person in this group that put their artwork in a video. It was such a great idea! I am pushing this interest to see if it could be an alternate career path or direction-

I was an avid horse riding competitor (dressage and eventing/jumping) before MS and compounding hip issues but still have the horses and have started to climb back on the pony occasionally. I think it is good for me and hypotherapy has worked for years for people to walk better…will it help MS people?

I also want to push further into photography joking that I will be a “porch photography” capturing all the images I can while seated on the porches around our house that thankfully is in the country and has good views. I do some sewing, am tempted to get back into art (my initial major in college) and brush up on my piano playing so 10 years of lessons as a kid aren’t a total waste 😉

So-while I’m not likely to compete in many horse shows I’ve come to realize how many interests and hobbies I have (or have had) that I can still do 😉 but now I did lock in a new job and start in 10 days…so may need to keep them to the weekends for a bit longer-

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