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1 month ago

Now tell the truth…. he’s forgotten his Railcard 🤣
@dominics for the rest of the community… that guy who got us reduced rail fares and gained access with the top MS specialist in the world to pass their advice on to us.
Oh and gives out loads of good advice himself.
Is asking for us to splash some cash to put money in the kitty for SHIFT.MS the MS Trust and the MS Society.
Now please donate or I’ll cry and I’ll cry and I’ll cry😭
And I won’t be happy….
So please dig deeper in your pockets than me and
@watsoncraig, well we are both Scottish……

1 month ago


1 month ago

Done. Also to add that in the depths of the crisis, Dom was to Shift what Joe Wicks was to UK fitness, through his daily Covid updates 🙂

1 month ago

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @watsoncraig
When I first clicked on the link I thought ok, so @dominics is doing a walk – we all know he likes walking. Then I saw it was 100 miles over 5 days. Ok, he can do that. Then I realised it involves some hills. Hmm. Then I saw he is doing it unsupported, so carrying tent, food and water and camping each night. No relaxing/recovering in a nice b&b each evening. Wow, @dominics, you like a challenge!
Great to see you are supporting three such important charities, wishing you all the best with your fundraising and the walk. Here’s hoping for some cool dry weather for you…
Even if you are not in a position to donate, let’s keep commenting to make sure this post stays at the top of the list for everyone to see 😀

1 month ago

Thank you @clare80

To add to this: to keep weight down I am only taking 1 spare pair of pants, socks, and a T-shirt. I will embrace the stink. I pity Mrs S who is collecting me in Eastbourne. I will really hum by then!

I have a sock sponsor too! @monkeysox who also donate to MS.

My pack is 10kg base weight. Daily water of 2l (2kg) and I’ll need another 1.5l (1.5 kg) daily for rehydrating food and making coffee.

Follow all my training updates on Instagram: instabolt_dj

There is also a bit on Twitter @DJS_KBO

1 month ago

One of the reasons I haven’t been on the forum much is that I have been training v hard this three last 3mo.

The media wizards at Shift suggested that in make regular training updates on Instagram, which is why I am instabolt_dj

I really appreciate everyone’s support. It is for good causes. Research, Nurses and digital. community.

1 month ago

Is be really grateful if everyone can share in your own networks.

This is the power of social media, the whole sharing gig. I am not on Facebook or TikTok so everyone can help by pinging the link out.

It isn’t for me, it is for Shift, the MS Society and the MS Trust.

1 month ago

@dominics, donated and shared, thanks for your great work…well done for keeping on keeping on

1 month ago

Gosh @dominics, I suppose that is one way to make sure anyone you meet sticks to the social distancing guidelines 😂
Thanks for letting us know about @monkeysox, not come across them before, will have to check them out… 🧦

1 month ago

So @dominics, how’s the training going? When are you setting off on your challenge?
Come on people – let’s see how close we can get him to that £4.5k target!

1 month ago

Clare, (all)

I am using Instagram to post videos and pictures.

Have a look at instabolt_dj to see, like etc.

Massive social media learning curve for me and thankful I have an 18y old daughter who gets it all! She has been a massive help.

I also post updates on Twitter @DJS_KBO as well as keep a list of all things MS that anyone can follow.

Thank you to you all. The MS charities are all super grqt ful for the support.

Please please please the biggest thing is when people take away the link – – and share it around themselves.

Despite my innate predilection for swearing I have made everything to do with the walk shareable and clean 😉



1 month ago

@dominics completed his walk for 3 MS charities (earlier than predicted) – we can help reach the target by donating if possible or keeping this post on top until he posts his update! 😉

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