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Fuzzy left eye

Hi all.
Just a quick question my left eye over the past month has become increasingly fuzzy, I have booked an eye test, but would like to know if anyone else have had these symptoms, or should I start to worry that it could be my M.S which I have relapsing and remitting.
Should I postpone my eye test and see if it clears up or speak to my GP.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

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1 month ago

I would go for the eye test because they will be able to tell you if you have any problems. I did recently and they put my mind at rest as to whether it was optic neuritis or not

1 month ago

It’s always best to get it checked out. With Ms it’s most common to suffer from optic neuritis. The other believe it or not is Glaucoma. The glaucoma is not because of the MS but due to steroid treatment used for flare ups.

Best of luck dear.

1 month ago

This past summer my left eye started to get a little blurry so I called up my Neuro and he sent me in for an MRI to check things out. My eye doctor says they can see the impact of MS in the lining of my Retinal Wall or some such. My optic nerve is impacted which can be seen in my MRIs apparently and my eye Dr can see it and monitors it.

There is a lot on-line regarding this

Dr Boster also has a video on vision –

Usually they say that there is pain associated with ON but that has never happened with me. Usually small patches of patterns have occurred for me which is apparently more like an optical migraine and they go away quickly, usually within an hour and I think it may be stress related. Has only happened a handful of times.

The general blurry vision in my left eye I had this last summer was different. My right eye is my dominant so it didn’t affect if I could drive or do anything. I didn’t get headaches or hurt. I was sent in for an MRI immediately and they could see some activity on my retinal wall so they put me on the high dose steroids for 3 days through a home infusion. The high dose infused steroids in response to them did not offer immediate resolution but may have helped them resolve over the ensuing months. I was hoping for immediate improvement as I get for things like walking where I am 80 percent better within two days but that didn’t happen for my eyes…it was more gradual. Could be that my “neurological reserve” is just dropping so old symptoms are popping up again…check out Aaron Bosters analysis of the “Leaky Pool” model to understand that better in a “progression” video.

Good luck- my eye Dr says the problem isn’t in my eye structures (which is his domain) but rather in my optic nerve (which is my neuro’s domain) so he can monitor it but it is up to my neuro to try to resolve and is due to MS.

Good luck- my eye issues usually resolve over a fairly short amount of time and there isn’t any pain and I can operate as normal but that isn’t true for everyone that I have seen post comments about Optic Neuritis (ON) on this forum.

1 month ago

@scott_w_weymouth , yes, see the optician, as they will be able to see whether there is any inflammation to your optic nerves.

But also contact your MS Nurse and let them know what is going on. For MS activity that causes quality if life issues, e.g. visual or mobility, Steroids are normally prescribed. And, the sooner, the better……….

1 month ago

Thank you all for your feedback, I really appreciate your time to reply. Kind regards

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