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Confused is me going crazy

Hi , I’ve posted before , symptoms etc dribbling pain weakness , two MRIs last week , told nothing to see despite them reporting a lesion on the first scan on my spine.
I’m sure people think I’m making it up and I don’t know what to do HELP

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5 months ago

@womble_barker , your Neuro is obviously battling with the requirements of the McDonald Criteria (, which would enable a formal diagnosis.

A diagnosis cannot, and should not, be given lightly, as it cannot be “ungiven” and has an irreversible impact on aspects of one’s life.

No-one is considering hypochondria, so don’t worry about that. There is something going on, it just hasn’t quite “shown its face” yet.

So, live healthily, eat healthily and avoid (or manage) stress. And, get on with your life

5 months ago

I’m doing my best

5 months ago

@womble_barker might not be MS they better investigate more snd not rush anything
They daignosed me with ms 2004 been worried since then but fully healthy they almost forced me on ms drugs which i refuse to find out last week i probably suffer marfan syndrome

There are so many illnesses wuiet similar to ms

5 months ago

@womble_barker , no-one can ask for more when you’re doing your best.

5 months ago

They put me on a muscle relaxant one tablet a day half in the morning half at bed time it’s to stop spasms .. it seems to be helping , tomorrow is another day

5 months ago

@womble_barker , I’m glad you been given something to relieve the spasms.

5 months ago

@womble_ barker you aren’t the only one who dribbles, I do a lot. Can’t drink out of the right hand side of my mouth either. Every time I relapse, I have to convince the nurses that I haven’t had a stroke! Gets a bit boring after a while and being a nearly 63 old grandma, have wiped my daughters and my grandaughters mouths many times and now have to do it to myself, you are not alone😜❣️

5 months ago


Gosh it’s beggars belief the half baked info you get these days…stressful and unnecessary…

When I was diagnosed they sent me (and useless unsympathetic uninterested ex) on a 6!week course all about MS. Not to promote, advocate or peddle drugs; but to inform us about actual MS and it’s mechanism.

In those days it was about empowering patients with actual knowledge, not scaring them into taking a dmd asap.

We learnt for example that ‘sclerosis’ came from the Latin word scar. That a lesion was a scar caused by inflammation of the myelin sheath. Activity and said inflammation does not show up on a brain scan-but the scar it leaves does. Which is why symptoms don’t match scars until after the event.

So your Immune system has munched away at your myelin sheath- and that activity only shows up afterwards in the form of a scar.

Multiple scars mean multiple sclerosis.
The immune system calms down and you go back to normal.
But the scar left is then visible on a scan. So after the flare, not during; when it can’t be seen.

Is my understanding? The next scan you have will match the symptoms you have now and evidence of that will be clear in the form of scars/lesions.

Good luck on getting better, which it hopefully will, especially if you don’t stress love 💖

5 months ago

That was informative thank you.. grandma, not much fun is it, yer I’ve had to convince many it’s not a stoke, thank you for your reply’s

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