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11 months ago

Definitely worth a try for the strange sensory problems we have to put up with.
Gabapentin has certainly reduced some of these for me.🙃

11 months ago

It’s worth mentioning my feet actually feel cold to touch which I didn’t think they should?? I don’t know whether it’s the change in weather or what have you. I did have a day of it last week when it was hot!

11 months ago

@blagamsn182 it’s a worry isn’t it ? Reckon reduced blood flow and nerve damage the culprit…

Think I’ve said b 4 – get your missus to massage your feet?
Reflexology is also great
A warm soak in magnesium salt water
A half a baby asprin
Fluffy sox

Good luck
You know what they say…cold feet, warm-hearted…

11 months ago


It’s not gone right up my legs. It only lasted a few hours last week. Been like it for 2 days now.

11 months ago

I see that it help MS’rs with leg spasms and spasticity but don’t see it listed for cold feet. I often get cold feet just when I go to bed. Now just to be ready I often put a bag of rice (put rice in a cotton pillow) in the microwave before bed and toss that in the foot of the bed just to be ready. Cold feet have been an issue for me for years and my grandma said I must have gotten that from grandpa ;-0 but I can’t get to sleep with cold feet so it helps me fall to sleep faster.

10 months ago

At Mayo in Rochester MN US most of the week and they advised that I increase the Gabapentin that I was prescribed for “nerve pain”. I am also on Rebif for MS. They also agreed I should switch to Ocrevus as I seem to be heading into SPMS now that I am in my 50’s and diagnosed 15 years ago.

I usually do the heated rice bag when my feet are cold but this week made do with a little hot water bag. Just get my feet warmed up and they stay that way 😉 but I’m finding with Gabapentin in my system my feet aren’t getting cold as often.

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