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Am I being peranoid

Hello everyone. I’m 18 years old my uncle and brother has MS and just within a month I’ve experienced balance issues feelings of fainting and problems with memory. About a year ago I basically stopped being sexual with my gf and didn’t know why. I might be looking too far into this or this could just be for many reasons but what should I do? Should I wait to see if this continues or get all of this checked out or forget about it?

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5 months ago

I would list your symptoms and see your GP. Ask for a neurologist referral, it’s the only way to rule MS in/out. You sound pretty proactive. Good luck.

5 months ago

This is a great forum of people from around the world. There are many posts that note that other family members also have MS while I know of no one in my family with it. If you use the little magnifying glass in the upper left you can put in searches that may be helpful such as Genetics of Family.

The important thing is to not go all ballistic and stress yourself out ๐Ÿ˜‰ that is one thing we all hear over and over…don’t stress as it won’t help. So- if your GP will give you a neuro referral, not just any neuro but one that works with MS, it would be good even if it just settles it in your mind. Check the little magnifying glass for “diagnosis” as well and most will point you to an MRI. There may be other causes to your symptoms but it sounds like you need to find out why these things are and have happened.

As best you can document them and date them. I have been seeing many posts of people that go in to a Neuro for the first time and have a “CIS” (Clinical Isolated Syndrome” and since it is the only documented incident they won’t start them on treatment or take it seriously. Then they don’t really have action taken until their is another attack…which may have been preventable by starting on a treatment plan.

The cause of MS is not yet known (another thing we have debated a lot on this site so there will be many posts if you put that in the magnifying glass) and it is felt that genetics may play a role as well as a triggering event, etc so it isn’t likely just one thing which makes it even more difficult. See if you can get it taken seriously by doing some homework and going in with some notes of family history and possible symptoms.

Good luck-

5 months ago

Hi @brandon1960!

It’s great that you reached out to Shift – I would call your doctor so they can refer you to a neurologist. This way you can discuss any concerns that you have & they can give you a test. It would be good to let them know of your family’s history with MS. Stay away from Google & do not over think this at all or stress yourself. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

5 months ago

Yes start putting on paper all that you have experienced with Balance issues and anything you know thats not normal for you !!! 18 years old you most likely graduated high School and you unfortunately have MS in your family go find a really really good doctor get tested so you can start your new adult life !!! Just do it …….much Love and care ๐Ÿงค๐Ÿ’—

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