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Aaron Boster Utube videos?

Is anyone else subscribed to the Aaron Boster Utubes? Just watched a few of them after listening to a podcast interviewing him last night. He has a lot of MS information out there and has covered a lot of the topics we bash around. Just watched ones on the various drugs and methods he recommends to manage some MS symptoms. Thought I should share-

What do you find in his list that worked, or didn’t, for you? He brought up the gabapentin that I was taking for a few weeks but not the Gralise that I switched to that I find has a smoother extended delivery and you only need to take once a day.

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4 months ago

@itsmewithms I subscribed to his channel. I jokingly call him my Ohio doctor when I am talking to my husband. Watching his channel prepared me for my appointments with my neurologist. So, for instance, it was an easy conversation with my neurologist when he recommended I take Ocrevus because I had already watched several videos about MS drugs – benefits and risks. Having background knowledge made me less stressed for my visit, and I was able to concentrate better on what my doctor was saying to me during my appointment because very little said to me was brand new information. Only new in how it pertained to me.

4 months ago

@kaijurising I kind of did that at my appointment last week with my neuro. I thought I could ask better questions but also had additional questions to ask him. I just started Ocrevus last week and was better informed about it due to Aaron’s discussions on it and discussing it with other members on this forum. In the podcast I listened to yesterday he said it was the most common new MS drug being prescribed? I think it is insane expensive but maybe they are all that bad. Makes me totally understand why no one would want to insure us…and since insurance comes with employment why no one would want to employ us ;-( but I like being educated and he has such an upbeat delivery and seems sincere. He doesn’t seem to be on anyones payroll but maybe I just don’t know enough yet…

4 months ago

@itsmewithms dr B is amazing at educating people. I wish he was my neurologist.

4 months ago

following on twitter too..

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