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Making Pancakes

Susanna Von-Tonder
Making Pancakes

Making pancakes - or enjoying the little things in life with multiple sclerosis.

Hi, I am Susanna and I have MS. Happy to meet you!

What an interesting introduction… but no - today is not that day. My usual day highlighting social justice issues or speaking about disability rights so nonchalantly so that even those in the back know the term reasonable adjustments or albeit only fairness. 

No, today is not that day where I put my superhero Cape on on a mission to better the lives of others - to make a difference, to feel like change is coming, to live my purpose. To know where I am heading.

No, today is the day where I stare at pancakes hushing as not to burn them. Today I am me, with all my human struggles of existential dread, and of encountering the not knowingness of what my future will hold. 

Today is the day where I do not admit defeat because there is no such thing as defeat when displaying our vulnerability or for being a little bit sad that things are not the way one might have wished for. That I am not as healthy as I may have wished for. 

Multiple sclerosis has been an incredible teacher but today is the day where I stare at pancakes and enjoy the simple things: a reality which is less harsh - where relapses do not exist.

Today is the day I choose to fall in love with life… again.

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About the author

Susanna Von-Tonder

Susanna was diagnosed with MS in 2016. As an active member of the International and European MS Community, she advocates for social justice, inclusion, and disability rights. She is a board member of the Luxembourgish MS Society, a member of the European MS Platform’s Young People’s Network and a passionate volunteer for shift.ms.