MS and Work – work as a health outcome.

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Welcome to’ web page for health care professionals in participating MS centres. Here you will find our short video, as well as helpful tools and resources, the full video interviews and further reading on the topic of work as a health outcome.


This Comic Relief project aims to improve employment outcomes for people with MS. In this phase of the project, has explored and promoted the topic of ‘work’ as a clinical health outcome among specialist MS HCPs.


VIDEO: ‘MS Reporters: Work as a health outcome’ (15mins)


Please watch our highlights video featuring interviews with people with MS, and clinical and policy leaders in the work and health agenda. If you want to see the longer conversations with the experts, please click the ‘Full interviews’ tab.





Below are helpful resources mentioned by our experts in the ‘highlights’ video. Please consider drawing on these for your own practice or professional development.


EMSP/TWF Conversation Guide ‘Checklist’

This guide is being piloted and can be used to help structure conversations about work with your MS patients.

PHE e-learning modules

Click here for the course on work and health for health care professionals.

Health & Work Champions scheme

Explore the link between work, health and wellbeing. Find out more about involvement in the project here.