MS and Work – Further reading.

52% of the HCPs we surveyed disagreed or strongly disagreed that ‘there is sufficient employment-related information and support available for MS patients’. On this page you can find useful links on work and health for you and your MS patients.

Information for HCPs:

European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) & The Work Foundation (TWF) Conversation Guide for MS HCPs

NICE MS Guidance including Clinical Audit Tool for healthcare professionals

Information on supporting behaviour change with Motivational Interviewing from Royal College of Nursing

The Multiple Sclerosis Work Instability Scale. This is intended as a screening tool in clinic to identify people at risk of job loss. Please find the link to the published paper in the MS Journal here. *To access the MS Work Instability Scale for free, contact the scales administrator at [email protected] , who will send out a user form for you to complete.*

Kim Burton, Gordon Waddell, (2006) ‘Is Work Good for your Health and Well-being?’

‘Fair Society, Healthy Lives’, (“The Marmot Review”) (2010)

Kings Fund ‘Broader determinants of health: future trends’

EMSP/The Work Foundation ‘Ready for Work’ project – background and outline

Council for Work and Health – ‘Talking Work’ Guide

DWP and DH (2017) ‘Improving Lives: the Future of work, Health and Disability

Bevan et al, (2011), ‘Ready to Work? Meeting the employment and career aspirations of people with Multiple Sclerosis’

Information for patients:

MS Society ‘Working and MS’ page, including an MS Helpline and guides for employees & employers

Access the Disability Law Service helpline at the MS Society for free legal advice

Access to Work

Information on the Permitted Work scheme

Citizen’s Advice guidance on reasonable adjustments and working with a disability

ACAS information on Equality Act 2010 and reasonable adjustments in the workplace

Useful organisations:

European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP)

Public Health England

Royal College of Occupational Therapists

The Work Foundation (TWF)

European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP)

Multiple Sclerosis Society UK

MS Trust

Institute for Employment Studies

Citizens Advice