Co-vid Companion

Cat or dogs? Football or rugby? Tea or coffee? Want to chat with others like you? Connect with another MSer via video.

MSers have always been amazing at supporting each other 🤝 and never has this been more important with many of us facing weeks and months in isolation.


We’ve designed Co-vid Companion to connect MSers who are self-isolating or experiencing heightened levels of loneliness due to coronavirus through one-to-one video calls via Skype 🤳.
Let us introduce you to other MSers like you. We’ll connect you beyond MS. Because MS is what you have, not who you are.

I think this is an extremely valuable thing to be part of at this time, it’s great to have a connection with another MSer.” Co-vid Companion

We’re all in this together but some members of our community may be self-isolating alone. Anyone with MS can sign up to connect with another MSer, you don’t need to be lonely, you could just want to help others who are, or you might be facing days alone with little contact and want to have someone to share the experience with virtually. To take advantage of the service, you’ll need to be a member (you can join by clicking here).



You also need to have a Skype account, this is free and easy to do, but we do have this helpful Co-vid Companion & Skype: a how to guide


How does it work?

🔹 You apply to be connected with a Co-vid Companion

🔹 We’ll be in touch by email within the next 48 hours to let you know we’ve received your application

🔹 We’ll be in touch again soon, this time via Skype, to connect you with another MSer over Skype

🔹 You can chat with your Companion as many times as you want

🔹 We’ll check in with you after a week


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