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Parking Ticket

Hi, I've just come out of a restaurant & returned to my car (parked in disabled space) and noticed a ticket - I'd forgotten to put my badge on display! Can I dispute the ticket? Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips on the angle I should take if disputing it? Thank you

You can but try an appeal. Give them a phone call first and explain. If your tax disc is registered disabled - and it potentially should be as you may be exempt from car tax - this may help your case. Was it a double yellow line or a private car park? I once parked on a double yellow line, displayed the badge, but still got a ticket as I'd forgotten to display the clock card showing my time of arrival. I phoned up to explain and they let me off, although I felt it was my one and only warning!


Thank you for your prompt response. It was parked in a disabled space & my car is from the guys at Mobility so I guess the tax disc is registered disabled. I'll phone them like you suggested. How does being exempt from car tax help? Thanks again.