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Is this MS hug??

Hiya guys & gals so since July I’ve had this horrible crushing pain in my chest first one lasted about 5 mins then I got clammy & weak but the other 2 I’ve had was just the crushing pain,I’ve been docs they said could be my MS then when I went a&e they are saying could be something to do with my VSD 😩 anyone else had something like this? Thank you

Hi lovely, sorry to hear you're in so much pain :( I've had the MS hug a few times and it's more a tightness and pain around your ribcage and hurts to breathe sometimes but I did feel tightness in my chest too. No pain though. Best of luck with working out what it is!!


@Emsiemonek thank you sweetie it’s very worrying,I’m going to ring my MS nurse aswell