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So after my consultant said that my MRI from two years ago shows no new leisons on my spine so I pushed for an update MRI which shows that my leison has got worse and a new one on my brain. Thanks consultant.



And, that's the reason why we have to be our own advocates..............



@stu09 As we go through life and different health issues it's far to easy for us to accept what the DRs and Consultants and Neurologists say and just walk away and wait for the next appointment, but a lot can happen in 12 months 6 months the next day. March of this yr after having my annual Cancer check after having cancer in 2015 I was told that I had nodules on my lungs and I would be seen again in 12mths time. I told the Consultant that wasn't good enough and demanded I have another ct scan and be seen again within 6mths. I had my ct scan in sept and I get results on tue of nxt wk. What i'm trying to say to everyone is you don't have to accept the first diagnosis, you know your own body, it would of been easier if I said I agree with stumbler