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New.. confused?

Just found this site.. really happy...its not just old people after all?? do I sound completely ignorant? So what do I do now? watched the info on vit d? do people take it.. so much info.. consultant never referred me to an MS nurse, so scouted one out.. waiting to hear back..?

Post a question - Get an answer. Share a worry - get re-assured. Have a sob online - feel the love :) - Make sure you crack the whip with local services. An MS is an essential as one of your first ports of call if you have difficulties.


Welcome softscarlet you will like it here am sure, no you dont sound ignorant I thought it was just old people at first too! Yes I take vit D but cant say Ive noticed a difference. I cannot believe you have not got a nurse??? you should have, if I were you ask some questions, you need a nurse because you can never just speak to your consultant, a yearly appointment if that!!! hope you find a good one, there should be one in your area, good luck,