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hi friends since couple of day i have too much depression, is it due to MS? I frustrated too much when i hear voice , by watching face of people they did something wrong, said wrong words to me. will it happen IN MS. Depression happen in MS? please let me , help me in it

@sheetal definitely an Ms issue as our brain chemistry gets thrown out of whack. I suffered from depression probably due to the disease itself as I really didn't know of anything specific other than Ms that was doing this to me. I now take citlipram and it has really helped me. Do not be afraid to ask for help there are a lot of people with Ms that have depression your not alone.


Hi friends, But depression creating problems much in relation also mostly with my husband, why peoples not understanding to us? He is accepting too much i think, its his problem or my problem? Depression eating to us and plus peoples not understanding to us its becomes very problematic situation some time. Really depression in MS creats to much problems in relation?