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Europe's Biggest MS research conference

And we're going to it! From Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th Oct, a team of Shift.ms MS Reporters will be at ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research into Multiple Sclerosis) and interviewing a number of leading MS experts. The team will be reporting back the latest on MS research developments so keep an eye on the stream as the vids are released. Robby is an MS Reporter who attended ECTRIMS last year to report for the community. Check out what he has to say... https://youtu.be/A8G43n4JdNs Huge thanks to the volunteers, Alex, Rachel, Aoife, Suk, Paul and Heather, who are coming with us to help make sure the community hear about the latest developments.



@bobby well done because public speaking is very stressful and scary thank you



Thanks for taking the time to respond @mermaidia11 Have you checked out the programme for ECTRIMS? https://www.ectrims-congress.eu/2018/scientific-programme/scientific-programme.html Whilst at ECTRIMS the volunteer MS Reporters will be interviewing experts about; The MS-SMART trial Recent developments in progressive MS Medication for people planning a pregnancy Access and restrictions to MS therapies across countries Immune reconstitution therapy ... These are just a few topics, the reporters will try and cover as much as possible without tiring themselves out - the sessions they will sit through before an interview are long! We’re very lucky the volunteer Reporters and Filming Buddies are donating their time, taking days off work, travelling, etc. to report back to the rest of the community about what they have found out. The topics we will report on were chosen after speaking to members of the community about what they were interested in finding out about. Separate to ECTRIMS, we have many MS Reporters interviews with MS Nurses covering a range of topics, see https://shift.ms/msreporters and search by job title. You’re welcome to submit questions for any expert. We want to hear what the community want to know more about. The more vocal people are about what topics they want covered the better! Thanks Sarah



Hi @mermaidia11, @sarahshift summarises well our goals at ECTRIMS. I can speak as an MSer and someone who acted as reporter at ECTRIMS 2016. I cannot overstate the value of channelling the most recent research back to the MS community in an easy to grasp manner. While we are still some distance away from a cure for MS, massive progress is being made every year on drugs that reduce inflammation or aim at remyelination, therapies for managing fatigue, or just body of knowledge for understanding what triggers MS and why (environmental factors, gut microbiome, and so on). Unfortunately it takes a lot of time until the general public becomes aware of these developments, in part because unfortunately scientific papers are mostly behind pay walls. Moreover, even publications that have open access are difficult to digest without proper medical training. Therefore short one-to-one recorded discussions with experts behind MS research as this comes to light, in my opinion, bridge the gap between the research and patient communities. I hope you will find something that is of interest to you from the interviews Shift will publish next week from ECTRIMS Berlin and if you have particular questions you feel we should ask, please drop a note. Paul



/Users/rachelhorne/Desktop/IMG_1908.jpg Getting ready for ECTRIMS and wondering which talks to attend over the three day period... a bit overwhelming. Here's a close-up of the first hour session on the first day... /Users/rachelhorne/Desktop/IMG_1909.jpg   <span style="color: #ff0000;">**NOTE** It's not possible to post images on the forum. :( Admin (stumbler)</span>