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Facial numbness

Return of an old symptom...I feel like when a dentist injects novacaine up under your nose. My tongue, nose lips and cheeks feel numb, like it would with a palsy. It comes and goes every couple of days. Anyone else have similar?



I get it occasionally and had it quite badly in April - May it is a right pain in the bum (and face)



I had it badly on my first (and only) major relapse and it's come back three times when I felt on the verge of relapse but it didn't happen. I've found it probably the most scary symptom I've had.



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/pottypete/' rel='nofollow'>@pottypete</a> I'm experiencing exactly the same thing following my car accident :0( I'm also suffering horrific tinnitus in my ear on the same side as the numbness. Spoke to my ms nurse about it, she's said its all linked with the stress/shock of the accident. Been offered steroids if I want them but I've declined at the moment due to the shocking amount of drugs I'm on at the moment for everything else!!!



I don't have sharpness but I've been feeling more numb/tingling-ness around my upper lip and nose and a bit around my eyes the last few weeks



Hi, I had this start as part of my second relapse last year. It was strange as it was just the left side of my face and all mouth/tongue and gums. I had a course of steroids a month after it started as it was affecting my eating - nothing hard and crunchy - felt horrible. The steroids gave some quick improvement but it has taken a year for things to really improve. My tongue tingling is a good indicator of being too tired/overdoing it.