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Running tips

I enjoy alot of different types of exercise, including running but find it the most challenging as I get heavy, fizzy legs half way through a run. Does anyone have any tips to help with running and ms?

Hi Pippa I do lots of running - managed 6 half marathons last year ( one just after a relapse ) since love down I manage between 7 and 15 k each day Yes, I get the fuzzy legs - but I find that after a while it goes For me, it's not how far i run - its the fact that I do it ! I will never be first - but I'm not in it to win My eyes are a constant problem , but i'm learning to cope Changing the route, or anything that takes you mind off your fuzzy legs will help so my advice would be to do it as often as possible - don't have to be be far , 1 or 2 K - the fact that you are doing it - gives me a positive feeling but, on the days I do't feel like it - I just do 3 but some days I manage 15 The joys of MS Let me know ho you get on


Hi Pippa, There is some really good advice here from Ray. I enjoy running and also get strange sensations in my legs. I can’t run as far as I used to but it’s just the fact that I do it that makes me feel positive about myself. Keep on running. X