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Neuropathic pain

Hi everyone, I've been on pregabalin for a couple of months now, and it hasn't really helped the constant pain in my legs, but they kept raising the dose on me. I got to 150mg twice a day, and felt like it was sort of dulling the pain some, but it came with some pretty bad side effects and left me feeling totally out it it most of the time. I've since decided to start coming off of it, but I just don't know what else I can do about the pain. I'm seeing my neurologist in a few weeks, an appointment I've had standing for about 8 months now, so I'm hoping he will address this, but he's really dismissive and I worry he won't have much help to offer. I'm just wondering what everyone else has tried to help this kind of pain? It seems to be a bit of a loosing battle so far, with the pregabalin doing more harm then help! Thanks Melissa