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Blocked ear

So last night my right ear became blocked and it hasn't improved since then, I can hear about half of what I normally can hear. I've been reading that this is a possible sign of a relapse? Apart from this symptom I'm feeling fine. Anyone else experienced this?



@lukezni , you say "your ear became blocked". Is it physically blocked or do you just have impaired hearing, which suggests the ear is blocked? A couple of drops of olive oil dropped into the ear may resolve any potential wax issues. Otherwise, your GP/Doctor would be able to have a look and let you know whether there's a physical problem.



It feels like something is lodged in my ear but there isnt and i know the feeling of when it's blocked up by wax but it doesn't feel that way. Like I said I can hear about half of what it is normally. I'll see if it improves throughout the day and if not I'll visit my gp tomorrow @stumbler



I never made the link before but now that you mention it I did have blocked ears around the time of my first relapse, one of them blocked and I could hardly hear a thing and then when that one cleared after a few days it happened in the other one. I used lots of over-the-counter stuff (Otex I think) to clear them but ever since then I occasionally get a really sharp stabbing pain in one of my ears and it's become more frequent lately. Always just assumed it was a coincidence, maybe it was, but I did have problems with my ears just before a relapse.



Since spring one ear has seemed like it had an infection and had the typical blockages, poor hearing and occasional ticks and pops like an infection would have so I went in to have it looked at and they said there was no infection. At the same time my balance is off and gait issues. I have an MRI and they see no active lesions. For the last few weeks the vision in my left eye is a little blotchy, I feel it has blind spots. Today I am off for a brain MRI for them to look for retinal thinning of the optic nerve. We'll see if they find anything. I think this will be my 4th MRI this year!



@lukezni hi 👋🏼 my ear was doing this on and off for the past couple of weeks. Normally when I wake up is when it’s the worst it’s like it’s muffled like an underwater feeling but I can still hear and it’s normally in one ear. I’ve tried to relate it to being warm or what I’m eating but at the moment it’s away again. This is just one of my little niggles that happen on random days and just downright annoying! It is possible to have hearing issues with MS it just doesn’t seem to be a main one. Hopefully there’s no relapse for you and just one of those things.. I am still in the process of learning what this condition is all about so sorry if I’m of zero help to you lol



Thanks everyone for sharing! @arbee @itsmewithms @emma_t It's been like that for me too @emma_t usually when I wake up its muffled but it goes away once I'm up. It hasn't happened in a while until yesterday and this time it took longer for that feeling to go away (around 14 hours) I can hear better now so I'll if it returns tomorrow when I wake up 😂



When I had my blocked ear looked at in the surgery (after trying Otex etc) I was told it was actually a blocked sinus, that it was not infected and that it would eventually clear - which it has done. I have subsequently read that blocked sinuses can be a side effect of fingolimod, my DMT.



@lukezni When I had my second relapse ever, I had ZERO hearing in my left ear which, thank God, cleared up. My neuro always advises me to keep track of new "things" and report to her after the second day that it has been present or progressed. This is quite good advice for me as I experience many new "things" but I only react on day 2. This helps my neuro also to establish if it is a relapse or not.. Hope you just had a blockage... good luck tho



I lost my hearing for two weeks when I was 28 and pregnant, I could hear mubbling but couldn't understand it. I wasn't diagnosed with MS yet, that would come in another 26 years. As I started learning more about MS I realized the I had symptom as early as my 20's. My OB doctor told me I was just having a strange pregnancy, my GP thought I was a hypochondriac. Potter



Hi all. I am apparently one of the few with MS who has permanent hearing loss. My doc said it’s rare but can be related to the MS. My mother was partially deaf from nerve damage so there probably is some nerve issue related. I can hear things but can’t understand them, seems everyone is mumbling or speaking so low. Very upsetting to me. At one point I had the hearing loss(almost overnight), couldn’t speak due to a paralyzed vocal cord, and very blurry right eye! Can speak now but eye remains blurred and hearing is still bad. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the MS or just age related (i’m 67). Anybody relate?



Blocked hearing with MS not really really sure !!! Have you had a cold recent upper chest coughing fever it would probably be best to have dr check inside ear canal purge possible to much ear wax !!! Its a possible on different levels ¿¿¿ go see dr nurse....... 👍👀🧤