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Inability to control body temperature?

I'm just curious if this is something you all deal with? Not sure if it's MS related or not. From time to time, I get very cold, and can't warm myself back up. I sleep under an electric blanket on high, wearing long johns, thick socks & a sweatshirt, and don't sweat (not every night, just the nights I get this cold). I don't seem to get overheated very often (although it does happen, but usually only on hot days). And sometimes when I get that cold, I seem to spend 2 hours going to the bathroom every 5 minutes (and not just a trickle - I have no idea where all that fluid comes from). It seems to happen more at night than any other time. It happened just the other day, and it was 15*C that night, had been about 30* during the day. I shouldn't have gotten so cold. I've had my thyroid checked often, it's functioning fine. It just dawned on me last week that maybe it's MS related? I googled, saw there is some correlation between MS and the inability to control body temperature but it doesn't seem to be a foregone conclusion. Curious if any of you have this problem as well?