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MRI scan

I had an MRI today on my brain, I have had one before but tbh forgot what it was like. Anyway it was bloody awful as expected! I was really worried as when I thought it was all over he said I’m going to put you further in and do your neck as well. I wasn’t expecting that and was then in the scanner for another 5/6 mins. Is that normal? Afterwards he then asked me was anyone going to be in touch with me about my results, I obviously said yes my neuro as I have MS and then he said you will hear in 10 days. I just got a strange vibe that got me a bit concerned. :/

It was probably just a after thought, it seems like my neuro is always of thinking of something extra to do. He'll say something like 'While your in there lets do this' or he just wants to take a look around. It never means anything important. Potter


@hollylb10 , don't read anything into the Radiographer's comments. Whilst they see a lot of scans, they can't quite analyse the results like you Consultant. It's not unusual to scan the brain and down the spine, which can take some time, especially if a contrast is used as well.