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MS hacks - Dealing with the heat.

I was chatting with @freddiems, and we both like the idea of forming some sort of collection of tips and tricks - or MS hacks - that MSers use to manage MS symptoms. We reckon that the best way to do this is to simply just ask Shifters: What do you do? Seeing as the sun has decided to start shining here in Blighty, I thought we could get the ball rolling with MS hacks that we personally use to beat the heat. Okay, so mine isn't particularly ingenious - well, not on my part, anyway - but I carry a battery operated fan in my handbag...and this one squirts water! In a hot place, a fan can basically be a hair dryer on a low heat, but that splash of water is definitely worth looking like a bit of a plum on the tube. Okay, over to you: what do you do?

If I need to do anything physical I get as much done as possible in the early morning. I also try to stay indoors when it is really hot. Saturday it is supposed to be 105 F. Wish me luck!


I have just put tinfoil (shiny side out) on the loft skylights in our bedroom. It reflects the sunlight and makes the room very dark, making it more comfortable to sleep up there.