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Asleep more than I'm awake.

The change of season has sent my MS a bit nuts and I find myself either awake (but not really with it) for just a few hours a day or I'll hardly sleep at all and still end up not being really with it. I'm pretty sure it's not a depression thing as I'm feeling pretty fine at the moment and there are no other warning signs. This always happens for a month or so, but I was just wondering if anybody else has trouble adjusting to the onset of the Autumn/Winter period?

I just wish I could adjust my body clock forwards and backwards. It takes a few weeks to settle down. :)


I've found that getting up earlier in the day seems to help me loads. Would never have guessed that it could help, but having the sky relatively blue and clear at 7am sets me up for the day.. (am in bed by 9-10pm though!)