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blue badge parking scheme

hi all, as a lot of us have a blue badge for parking i have been thinking about the scheme, it seems to me that the scheme encompasses a lot of members all with very different prroblems , but at present we are all lumped together in one group although some are much more disabled than others. I wondered about different classes of badges , depending on your disability. What do you all think, is it a good idea ? , is it workable? yours hank

Don't know if it's workable. UK is just about to change its rules so it will now include more people, especially children with hidden disabilities so for instance their parents can park close to the park cos they're not safe crossing roads etc., but I agree that categories might be a good idea but the process can already be long and tortuous so I don't think it will happen in a hurry👹😜


@hank , from an MS perspective, we suffer from variable conditions, so it would be impossible to classify that. Also, the scheme is already disrespected and users are judged. I can't see any merit in your proposal. Sorry.