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I just read that a relapse is having a symptom . Let’s say you suffer from weakness or coordination problem or pins and needle . Is that replace , flare up or progression of the disease . I thought when you have Ms you deal with these things on a daily .

Hi, the way my MS nurse explained it to me was that if it's a completely new symptom, then that could signal its a relapse. But, if its a worsening of already existing symptoms, its most probably a flare up due to stress/tiredness etc. So for me, I suffer with my legs feet and bladder after never fully recovering froma relapse 2 years ago. Some days are a lot worse than others, but say I started suffering with vision problems/optic neuritis, this would indicate a relapse. That is how I understand it, although I could be wrong, and please, anyone who understands better, you might be able to explain it more.


Not necessarily daily. 3 years passes on me with ni symptoms and I was off medications in my modest opinion MS is planned from the very beginning for each person differently most important us that you treat it with straight face. Do t be afraid or over worried or then it can control you easier and make relapses worse doesnt mean stress or try to stop the relapse no just font over think about it and get on with life positively everyone will age and probably get paralyzed.