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Loop earplugs

Hi, does anyone have loop earplugs? I'm really struggling with the sensory fatigue and wondered if these would help? As in, it's tiring me out filtering out sounds when having a conversation. I'm also having speech problems at the moment so that's adding to the fatigue. Any stories welcome!
Peterborough, United Kingdom

Hi,im sorry you are struggling with sensory fatigue 🤕. I feel for you grandly and can personally relate.To be honest i have no clue about loop earplugs (will google in a minute), however i too struggle with sensory overload leading to fatigue and migraines. When i go out, especially with my son and his friends, i am "armed" with The Flare earplugs} link i posted above. They do filter high pitched and very loud noises and im able to concentrate on a conversation a little better than without them.i do even carry around ear defenders, foam earplugs and dark glasses at all times as the more stimuli in the environment the faster my fatigue and/or migraine come. Hope it'll help you if you try them out. If you do I'd recommend carrying around tweezers too as sometimes they get stuck inside and i can only get them out with tweezers , xx