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Hi, anyone else on Copaxone? How are you finding it? It's been a month for me, 3x a week and I've noticed I get the painful red lump when I inject. I read that it is a common side effect. Also I get dizzy, tight chest and quickening heart rate which I also read can be normal. Anyone else?

I took this for 18 months. The weird feelings after the injections stopped altogether after a few weeks. My injection sites were painful for a few hours and I found that doing them just before a shower helped stop this. I'd get lumps and itching sometimes but not others. I found that antihistamine cream from the chemist (Anthisan) helped if they were itchy. The lumps usually lasted a few days, occasionally longer. Once I got used to it the treatment was manageable. I also downloaded an app called injection tracker that pinged me reminders and had a body map so I could mark each injection and rotate the sites properly. Good luck.


@chloeautumnx , Lipoatrophy can be a problem. Ensure that you are strictly disciplined in your injection site rotation.