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Can't turn over in bed

Since getting numb lower legs I found if I lay on my back in bed keeping legs straight..its impossible now to lift legs up off bed..i try one then the other..no solid weights won't move! Now this last week I can't roll over off my back..i have to draw knees up and flop knees over if I want to get on my side..my nurology been aware of numbness since January..he said could I turn over in bed ok? At time I could..i can't now..anyone else have this issue? I have poor mobility..and balance often fall backwards standing still too..carole.

@caroleroberts , I share your problem. When I go to sleep, I don't move from that position. The heavy legs make getting out of bad a nightmare, which on occasions has taken up to 3 hours!!!! Contact your MS Nurse to arrange an Occupational Therapist (OT) referral and see what they can offer to help.


Thank you..i did wonder if too..at least put them in picture if nothing else..my next appointment is november/December. I'm finding now well for few months getting out of bed I can't just stand up..i have to sit on side of bed to get legs ready to balance..if I get straight up I fall back down no leg strength.