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Awakening Video Series

This is only available to watch this weekend and then it wont be up any more. While its mostly about alzheimers, there is a lot thats useful for MS. I dont agree with everything in it, but much of it is actionable and useful. Consider watching a few episodes if you have some time. https://regainyourbrain.awakeningfromalzheimers.com/new-episode

@californiadreamin , there's 13 episodes! Which one(s) do you recommend?


@stumbler I liked dr amen and dr perlmutter in particular. The last one is worth glancing at just for the concept. My wife follows oms so the one on coconut oil was interesting. If oms didn’t work I would surely consider that. That the one on the superfood which is coconut oil. My recommendation would be watch the first part of each and then move on. Most of the concepts are a bit repeated within each.