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new to shift ms

Hi there my name is Anna.I'm 35.i have two boys,Gabriel and Santiago.i was diagnosed in 2014 on the 8th with ms.everything is still new to me

Hi @bandania and welcome to our little piece of cyberspace. It's not good that you have a reason to join us, but given the circumstances, I'm glad you found us. I can understand that everything is still new to you. It's probably a bit overwhelming too. But, the time now is for you to sit down and reflect on what this means to you. MS is now a manageable condition and I can see that you're looking to find out about the condition and how to manage it. Be careful of Doctor "Google" as he can find some veritable horror stories that have no perspective. The MS Trust is a creditable source of information. They provide a range of publications covering the basics through to specific areas. They also have a range of publications, aimed at children of all ages. Have a look through here :- http://www.mstrust.org.uk/publications/publications-for-people-with-ms.jsp . The MS Society is also able to provide similar high quality information. But, pull up a chair and have a look around Shift.ms. Feel free to post questions, add to ongoing conversations or just have a rant. The only people who really understand MS are people who have MS. :wink:


shift.ms has been an excellent resource that has helped me in this short month of having joined it. people are friendly and supportive in every aspect of your life. #speakyourmind :)