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Fatigue peaks at 130 - 2 pm

I don't know about other people with ms but I find my fatigue is really bad early afternoon . Do any of you experience this daily ? I can be like cleaning prospering stuff around the house and all of sudden I get an overwhelming feeling of needing to lie down and switch off . I just feel like any of the energy that I do have as just been sucked out of me . Early pm is always a bad time if day for me . Do any of u feel like this or is just me ? I wish I had more stamina to keep going ! How frustrating it is this illness . I don't go out much i would say I'm actually home 99% of the time . I just to be so outgoing and would like to do a lot of things but now is just a struggle doing my house work or putting on makeup and doing my hair . I'm finding everything such an effort ! Happy days folks :)