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MS Awareness Week

As this week is ms awareness week, I’ve written my blog about something close to my heart, how to keep active. I wanted to come on here and share it with you just in case anyone wanted to come over and have a read. I have found writing my blog each couple of weeks a really cathartic process. When I first got diagnosed with ms there wasn’t really much out there that was too positive online... and now there are so many fab blogs and resources like Shift.MS I decided it would be great if I could be part of that. Anyway - pop on over if you fancy a read https://ms-warrior.com/2019/04/20/staying-active-with-ms/

@zoeb I agree its great to hear so many positive post, I think it makes everyone feel better, I'll look forward to sitting down and reading your blog tonight 😀


@zoeb I enjoyed that. Will read more of your blog after brekkie 🙂